6. Requirement Analysis Phase

6.1 Feasibility study

This part or aspect of systems analysis that concentrates on finding out whether an intended course of action violates any constraints is referred to as FEASIBILITY analysis .All the projects are feasible – given unlimited resources and infinite time! Unfortunately, the development of a computer –based system or product is more likely beleaguered by scarcity of evaluate the feasibility of a project at the earliest possible time of project inception.

Technical Feasibility-:

Technical feasibility centers on the existing computer system (hardware,software,etc.) and on the extent it can support the proposed addition . Financial considerations have to be taken into account for technical enhancements. In short the study of function, performance, and constraints that may affect the ability to achieve an acceptable system. If the budget is a serious constraint, then the project is judge not feasible .This project is considered technically feasible for development.

Economical Feasibility-:

Economic analysis is the most frequently used method for evaluation the effectiveness of a candidate system. More commonly known as cost/benefit analysis, the procedure is to determine the benefits and savings that are expected from candidate system and compare them with costs. If benefits outweigh costs then the decision.

Operational Feasibility-:

Operational Feasibility is reviewed in the early stages of project planning . Proposed project is beneficial only if it can be turned into information systems that will meet the organization’s operational requirement. In the operational feasibility it is checked if the system will work, when it is developed and deployed which are major barriers to the development a consideration about the working of the system after installation in the organization.

The software, which is developed , has an interactive, user-friendly interface, so operational difficulties are almost eliminated. It will improve the performance after implementation as the information can be delivered to the destination with utmost security. Hence the project is considered operationally feasible.