Shivajees MCQ BSNL JE Question Papers of Previous Year

Computer and microprocessor  related objective questions asked in the previous year exams.
1. What is the name of the software that allows us to browse through web pages  ?
A) Browser B) Mail Client C) FTP Client D) Messenger 

2. In computer terminology a bus is a/an

A) electronic track system B) part of register C) Data transfer path D) part of a CPU

3. Which was the bulkiest PC

A) Ist Generation Computer B) IInd Generation Computer C) 3rd Generation Computer D) 4th Generation Computer

3) Which of the following is a storage device that uses rigid, permanently installed magnetic disks to store data/information

A) Floppy diskette B) Hard disc C) Permanent disk D) none of these

4)CD-ROM is a

A) Magnetic memory B) Secondary memory
C) Semiconductor memory D) Memory register

5)  The brain of a computer is

6.The operating system called UNIX is typically used for
A) Desktop computers  B) Laptop computers C) Supercomputers D) all of these 

7. What is the default file extension for all web documents
A) txt B) html
C) doc D) xls

8. The process of transferring files from the Internet to PC is called as 
A) Downloading B) Uploading
C) transferring   D) shifting

9. Which of the following is a Web browser
A) Adobe Photoshop B) PowerPoint
C) Firefox D) php

10. The number system on which the modern computers operate is______ number system
A) Decimal B) Octal C) Binary D) Hexadecimal 

11. The following is not a input device
A) Keyboard B) Printer C) Voice recognition device D) Optical scanner

12. A byte represents a group of
A) 8 bits B) 10 bits C) 22 bits D) 32 bits

13.  A computer virus is
A) a hardware B) a computer program C) a client server D) a read-only memory

14. Which of the following devices is not an output device
A) visual display unit B) Plotter C) key board D) Printer

15. A diagram  which represents workflow or process, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order by connecting them with arrows, is known as a
A) bar chart B) scatter diagram C) flow chart D) Venn diagram

16. Which of the following hardwares can't be shared
A) Printer B) Scanner C) Plotter D) Mouse

17.Out of me following computer language, which was the first language to appear

Hint Pascal and FORTRAN are both procedural languages. Procedural languages are executed in a step by step manner. pascal 1969,  c=1972 fortran=1957
Fortran doesn't use assignments with := or end of statements with ;
Fortran doesn't have reserved words, it has short identifiers, the identifiers do not have to be specified
Fortran does not have records, pointers, user-defined types, scalar types, subintervals, but it has COMPLEX and DOUBLE PRECISION
Fortran 77 does not have WHILE and REPEAT

Fortran did not get IF THEN ELSE ENDIF until 1978

18. Which of the following is not a Computer Operating System


19. Computer languages which can easily interact with the hardware, are called

A) hard languages B) high level languages C) low level languages D) middle level languages

20. Where all active programs and data of a computer are stored, so that they are readily available and easily accessed by the Central Processing Unit, that is known as

A) read-only memory B) random added memory
C) ready access memory D) random access memory

21. What is the address given to a network called?

a) IP address b) process id  c) system address d)local address

22. Which one is a valid dos command?

a) List  *.* b) List ???*???? c) Recover a:  d) Rename A:test.txt c:test.txt

23. All systems settings are stored in windows in

a) system.ini  b) control.ini  c) main.ini  d) setting.ini

24. Which number system is usually followed in a typical 32-bit computer
a) binary  b) hexadecimal  c) octal d) radix 32

25. Which of the following is not an output of assembler?

a) executable file  b) object program  c) symbol table  d) source list with line numbers and errors

26. which layer of osi is responsible for routing and flow control?

a) network  b) tranport c)datalink d) physical

27. Algorithm and Flow chart  are used to ____

 a) to store the program b) write only the java program c) to compile the program d) to specify the problem completely  

28  EPROM can be used for

 a)duplicating the ROM b) Elevating ROM b) Elevating and Programming ROM d) Erase and Rewrite

29. The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as

 a)Hardware b)Software c)Firmware d) Malware

30. Which of the following  can store maximum amount of data?

 a)Floppy Disk b)Hard Disk   c)DVD d)CD

31.Which technology is used in Compact disks?

 a)Mechanical  B)Electrical C) Electromechanical d) Laser

32.  A Pixel is

 a) a storage device b0 input device c) a small resolvable part of a picture   d) a cell in the magnetic tape

33. When a key is pressed on the keyboard, which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the corresponding bits

Hint: As for as Mechanical layout is concerned, ANSI is used mainly in USA. ISO is quite common. in ISO keyboard, the Enter key is vertical and left shift key is smaller than right shift key. QWERTY is the most common arrangment of keys

34. The order of working of compiler is 

a)Lexical analysis,parsing, Semantic analysis,, code generation
b)code generation, Lexical analysis, Semantic analysis, parsing
c)Semantic analysis,Lexical analysis,  parsing, code generation 
d)parsing, Semantic analysis,Lexical analysis,  code generation 
Hint:Lexical analysis is the extraction of individual words or lexemes from an input stream of symbols  It removes white space and comments. Then parsing(syntax analysis) checks the language and correct formation. next: Semantic analysis: certain things which a parser could not do will be done by semanticc eg declaration prior to use.  Finally code generation and optimization done.

35. Interpreter works by

a) converting the program line by line
b) converts the whole program at once
c) both are correct
d) both are wrong

37. An opamp as a voltage follower has a voltage gain of a)infinity  b) zero   c) unity d) less than unity  (bsnl je 2013)36. Convert  10101. 1101 (binary) to decimal37. convert 3.5(decimal) to binary

39. binary muliplication of 1011 and 101 yields

a) 1000 b) 110111 c) 10001  d) none  (bsnl je 2013)

40. A charge amplifier is an op-amp with 
a) storage inductance b) charging cell c) a series capacitor d) a variable capacitor feedback.  (bsnl je 2013)

41. Which interrupt has the highest priority?

a) INTR b) TRAP  c) RST 6.5  d) None  ( bsnl je 2013)

42. The advantage of memory mapped i/O over I/O mapped I/O)

a)faster b) many instructions supporting memory mapped I/O
c)required a bigger address decoder  d) all of the above  bsnl je 2013
Hint: memory mapped I/O allows writing/reading to I/O device ports the same as reading/writing to normal memory.but there is a disadvantage of forfeiting some memory address space for the use of i/o

43. Which of the following is not an enhancement to the Pentium that was unavailable in 8086/8088?

a) Pipelined architecture
b )Expansion of cache memory
c) Inclusion of an internal math coprocessor
d) data/address line multiplexing

43. If a pentium processor has 32 bit address bus, what is its memory handling capacity?

A) 1MB  B) 1gb  C) 2gb  D) 4gb

44. The Pentium processor  has a data bus of 

a) 16 bits b) 32 bits  c) 64bits  d) 128 bits   bsnl je 2013

45.  Pentium is a ____ bit processor?
a) 16 b) 32 c) 64  d) 128

Hint: The question will be confusing. Pentium processors have 64-bit data buses; however, that does not mean they are classified as 64-bit processors. Processors such as the Pentium 4 and Athlon XP are 32-bit processors because their internal registers are 32 bits wide, although their data I/O buses are 64 bits wide and their address buses are 36 bits wide. Only the Registers size decide whether a processor is 32bit or 64 bit. 

16bit =64k
26 bit(64M)
32bit (4G)
64 bit
Pentium 4
36bit (64G)

45. What is the function of the compartors in 555 timer circuit? bsnl je 2013
a) to compare the output voltage to the internal voltage divider
b)to compare the  input voltage to the internal voltage divider
c) to compare the output voltages to the external voltage divider
d)to compare the input voltages to the external voltage divider.

46.  IN 8085, NAME THE 16 BIT REGISTER.  bsnl je 2013
a)Stack pointer  b) program counter  c)  a and b   d) None

47. Which of the following is hardware interrupt?
a) RST 5.5,RST 6.5,RST 7.5  b) INTR,TRAP
c) a and b    d) none 

48. Which stack is used in 8085?  bsnl je 2013
a) FIFO  b) LIFO  c) FILO  d) none

49. Why 8085 processor is called as 8 bit processor? bsnl je 2013
a) because 8085 has 8 bit ALU
b)because 8085 has 8 bit data bus
c)   a and b
d) none

50. What is meant by Maskable Interrupt? bsnl je 2013
a) An interrupt which can never be turned off
b) An interrupt that can be turned off by the programmer
c) none
d) either a or b

51. microprocessor speed dpends on?   bsnl je 2013
a) clock b) data bus width
c) address bus width  d) all the above

52. Can a ROM be used as stack?  bsnl je 2013
a) yes  b) No   c) Sometimes yes.sometimes no d)none

53. Which processor structure is pipelined?
a) all  x80  b) all x85  c) all x86   d) none

54.  Because microprocessors do not understand mnemonics, mnemonics have to be converted to ___ (bsnl je 20130.
a) hexadecimal machine code  b) binary machine code
c) assebly language d) all of the above

55. The content of ___ memory disappears when the power is switched off.

56. A media access control method for Multiple Access is 
a) amplifier b) aloha  c)  convergence  d) multiplicative
Hint: Aloha was the basis for Ethernet.  In this method ,multiple  terminals access the medium without interference or collision

57. Arrange the following  types of computer from lower end to higher end computers?
a) super computer, mainframe, mini computer, micro computer
b) micro, mini, mainframe, super
c) mainframe, super, micro,mini
d0 mini,micro,mainframe super

58. For launching space shuttle and space exploration, which type of computer is most suitable?
a) micro b) mini  c) main frame  d) super computer

59. Seymour Cray designed "CDC 6600" in 1964. This is the  first ever ____computer.

a) mini b) micro  c) mainframe d) super

60. Currently which one is the faster super computer.
a) cray 2000
b)  China’s "Tianhe – 2"
c) Aryacalc
d) IBM 20000

61. Super computers are mainly used for
a) Earthquake studies
b)Weather Forecasting
c)Nuclear weapons testing
d) all are correct

62. Mainframe computers are mainly used by
a) Larger business concerns
b)  Larger Insurance companies
c)  Universities for research
d) all are correct

63. Mid range computers can also be called as 
a) mainframe computers
b) micro computers
c) mini computers
d) super computers

64. mini computers are mostly used by
a) Departments of larger companies
b) for monitoring certain production process
c) for data storage by mid range companies
d) all are correct

65. Which is the micro computer
a) desktop
b) laptop
c) smart phones and calculators
d) all are correct

66. Most Gateways work in ___ of OSI.
b) datalink
c) Network
d) Application

67) Protocol conversion can be handled by 
a)  Switches
b) Routers
c) Repeaters
d) Gateways

68. Star, Ring and Bus are examples of ______
a) Computer names
b) Network Topologies
c) names of celestal bodies
d) planets

69. Which of the following are storage devices
d) All are correct

70. How many flags are there in 8086 processor?
a) 5  b) 9) c) 10 d) 255
Hint: 9 flags are:  CF,ZF,AF,PF=1 when even,Sf=1 when negative
TF=trapflag=Used for on-chip debugging.
IF=Interrupt enable Flag (IF) - when this flag is set to 1 CPU reacts to interrupts from external devices.
DF=Direction Flag=this flag is used by some instructions to process data chains, when this flag is set to 0 - the processing is done forward, when this flag is set to 1 the processing is done backward.
OF=Overflow Flag (OF) - set to 1 when there is a signed overflow. For example, when you add bytes 100 + 50 (result is not in range -128...127). 

71.  How many  segment registers are there in 8086?
a) 4  b) 1 c) 5) d) 10Hint: 
CS(code segment. its offset is IP)
 DS(Data segment : its offsets are BX,SI,DI)
 SS(stack segment. Its offsets are BP,SP)
 ES(extra segment)

72. what is the purpose of  SS:BP  in 8086?

a) used to access parameters passed via the stack
b) it is offset of CS
c) it is an offset of ES
d) All are correct

73. SS:SP(stack pointer)   in 8086 always points to the _____
a) bottom of stack
b) any item in the stack
c) top of the stack
d) None is correct

74. DS:SI and ES:DI are used in 8086 for

a) Source and Destination address for string operation
b) Used by Stack
c) Used as instruction pointers
d) All are incorrect

75. Which one is the only special purpose register in 8086.
a) SP b) IP c) DX  d) AX

76. Which one is Accumulator in 8086
a) AX(AH/AL)  B) BX(BH/BL)  C)  CX(CH/CL d) DX(DH/DL)

77 . Which one is Base Address Register in 8086
a) AX(AH/AL)  B) BX(BH/BL)  C)  CX(CH/CL d) DX(DH/DL)

78. Which one is Counter Register in 8086
a) AX(AH/AL)  B) BX(BH/BL)  C)  CX(CH/CL d) DX(DH/DL)

79. What is the content of after executing the instruction MOV DX,1000h in 8086?
a) the data in memory location 1000h will be moved to DX
b) 1000h will be moved to DX
c) the data in dx will be moved to memory 1000h
d) none of the above
Hint: When referrring to memory, the instruction will be like this: MOV DX,[1000]
mov ax,[1000+bx] instruction is BASE PLUS INDEX addressing.This instruction is useful for accessing elements of arrays, records, and other data structures. instead of bx, mostly si will be used for storing index addresses.

79. Which one is Data Register in 8086

a) AX(AH/AL)  B) BX(BH/BL)  C)  CX(CH/CL d) DX(DH/DL)

Notes on Addressing modes;

mov al, [bx]; mov al, [bp]; mov al, [si]; mov al, [di]
By default, its meaning is:
mov al, ds:[bx];mov al, ss:[bp] ; mov al, ds:[si]; mov al, ds:[di]
you can override like this:

mov al, cs:[bx];mov al, ds:[bp]; mov al, ss:[si];mov al, es:[di]
The indexed addressing modes use the following syntax: 
mov al, disp[bx]   mov al, disp[bp]   mov al, disp[si] 
Or by using overrides:
mov al, ss:disp[bx]   mov al, es:disp[bp]   mov al, cs:disp[si]   

if bx contains 2020h, mov al,1034h[bp] will load al from location ss:3054.