• A complete JAVA(JSP) Project on ELEARNING for Engineering College Students.This page
  • Contains complete coding,screenshots,E-R Diagrams,Data Flow Diagrams and the complete documentation. It gives the idea for how to prepare documentation for a college project and makes the work of documentation very easy.

  • This page contains a complete project on ELEARNING.
  • This is done in jsp with oracle as backend.
  • It is displayed with the intention that
      • the students will have a basic concept of how to prepare a project.
      • They need not waste their precious time in preparing documentation.
      • They can learn jsp by going through the source code.
1 Declaration
2. Certificate
3. Acknowledgements
Table of Contents
4 : Introduction (purpose,existing sytem,hardware & software requirements)
5: System Development Life Cycle
6 : Requirement Analysis
System Design(E-R Diagram,Table Structure)
8 : Complete jsp source code for Elearning
9. Testing
10 : Screenshots
11 : Conclusion
12 : Limitations
13: Further Enhancements
14 : Bibliography & References